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Hello and welcome to my blog and Pennywise Arts annual Blog Hop! My projects featured here; the gardener's bag with goodies, and the floral bag with goodies both feature products from Pennywise Arts, which can be found here: . Pennywise arts is not only a wonderful source of glass microbeads and crafting products, but is also a great group of amazing, talented, and friendly people who can offer lots of advice and ideas on how to use microbeads, and just crafting in general.

gardener's bag

gardener's bag
spring is here people! Let's grow something!

Now Read this!! April 2011 Blog Hop!

My first "blog" candy project, aka ( blog hop prize) is a gardener's gift bag. Being the lover of all things Dollar Tree, I bought 2 of these gift bags for a dollar, and using the collage pictures from Pennywise Arts, I covered them in O'So sticky paperback tape from Pennywise Arts, cut them to size, and then covered the picture in cardstock, and stamped on the bag itself using a stamp from Stampin' Up. I then stamed the word Sweet on cardstock and covered it in the sticky tape, and then in Terra Cotta colored microbeads from Pennywise. I framed it with cardstock and scrapbooking paper, and then attached all the pieces with Mono adhesive. I put a bow of handkerchief ribbon on it an got springy, and filled it with assorted gardening goodies!

If you WOULD LIKE TO WIN THIS BAG, please leave a comment about it along with a way for me to notify you, if you have won!

I loved the first bag so much, I made another in bright yellow, using another collage picture from Pennywise Arts and covered it with O'So sticky tape and then with clear microbeads. I backed it with cardstock and then scrapbooking paper and applied it to the bag with Mono adhesive. I made a big bow with bright daisy ribbon and filled it with all sorts of flowery goodies!

If you WOULD LIKE TO WINT THIS BAg, please leave a comment about it along with a way for me to notify you if you have won!

To start the hop from the very beginning, please go to Pennywise Arts here: to start your "hop" through the blogs and see some great art!

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Thanks again for your support and participation in our hop!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pennywise Arts Blog Hop Contest!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog! For the next 3 days (Friday the 26th through Sunday the 28th) I will participating in the Pennywise Arts Blog Hop. This is a "hop" where you begin by visiting and then "hop" your way through each blog on the list there. Once you have hopped to each blog and left a comment on each site in honor of each of their works of art made especially for the blog hop, you end up back up at the Pennywise Arts blog where you will be entered to win a prize!

As a bonus, If you leave a comment on my blog I will enter your name into a drawing to win the blog art (or as we call it "blog candy") which is the Friendship Frame I made using glitter and Pennywise Arts Lettuce colored microbeads from

So remember you have until the end of this Sunday the 28th to leave your comment and be entered to win a prize. The next stop from my blog is they have so much to share that they will be updating on Sunday with all new projects – so be sure to stop by there on Sunday and leave another comment! In the meantime, hop on by to Stephanie’s blog:

Leave your comments on the next blog and the next and so on as many of our participants will be offering up prizes as well! Enjoy and have fun! Jen